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I am the CEO and co-founder of jangl (formerly Buzzage). Here’s my story. While going to college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo I held jobs at KFC, Mobil Oil, and played in a band. I learned quickly that fast food and oil weren’t for me, and playing in a band for a living could be a long road to hoe. With a B.S. in Industrial Technology in hand and a family, I moved North to the center of the technology universe. I grew up professionally in the broadband access and services space. At Netopia, I built a sales distribution channel among ISPs for some of the early ISDN routers. At Livingston/Lucent I sold remote access servers to the same ISPs. At Redback I sold broadband remote access servers to the same ISPs as well as the phone companies. At Procket I did the same with high density routers, although more on the business development end. At Trapeze I built partnerships with other Internet plumbing companies for wi-fi systems. Starved for doing something cultural and community oriented, I started The Yoga Company, a brick and click lifestyle services and goods company. The Yoga Company became the de facto yoga destination in the San Ramon Valley, attracting the rock stars of the yoga world. I began to really thrive on starting new ventures at this point, and so started a company that would leverage the years of technology exposure, yet apply it at the consumer level. I co-founded Ooma, a voice over IP product and service company. In that process I learned that for something to take hold with consumers, it needed to be without barriers. I also recognized the convergence opportunity that had been so long talked about, finally reaching the market. With that, I partnered with Ben Dean to start jangl (formerly Buzzage). Here we are. I still play in a band actually, and now Ben plays with me. I don’t eat fast food, and I drive a hybrid. Some things never change;)).