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I think you have a very appealing idea here. If well executed, I have not doubt it will take off in a big way.

To give busy people a more concise way to find out about this service, I'm assuming that you'll post some well written FAQs and answers, right? In addition to how it works, I hope that the FAQs will explain how much you would charge for the service if users don’t want to subject their callers to ads. While it might be free during the beta phase, I would not bother to get started using it unless the fee you expect to charge later is reasonable.



Hi Michael,

I understood the context about what people would endure. I think there's two (or more) interesting meanings of privacy with regards to Jangl:

1) I can control who can call me. This is the right to be left alone.

2) Concealment of concealment. "I'm being honest with you here." "Here's my phone number." I may not want to tell someone that I'm giving them a Jangl number, because doing so implies a level of distrust.

So paying so my callers don't hear ads is about #2.



Here's a reply to Juan's comment:

The "what's my privacy worth" statement was kind of figurative. It was in the context of whether consumers would endure an audio ad while they're waiting for the other person to answer the phone. My point is that I would be more than happy to endure an ad if it's relevant and of value, if it means my privacy is kept in return. Some would actually prefer to not hear an ad, and prefer to pay for it. So yes, we're all about privacy.



Here's a reply to Adam's post:

Jangl numbers look just like real numbers actually. We've spent a lot of time, carefully mapping out the user experience.


I am surprised by MC's comment on #4 "What's my privacy worth?"

Does it mean that Jangl is not about Privacy at all or its not considered so important?


I'd prefer to pay rather than have my callers listen to ads.


Ok, this idea it´s superb but...if the alternative numbers you propose aren´t juast as normal ones (same number of digits, etc...) people WILL know that you are giving them a jangl number because you dont want to give them your original one...thus people won´t as easily give their jangl numbers because of the affect it could have on the people you give your number to...
What do you think?

Benjamin Stone

I agree with your position in response to SiliconBeat's criticism - and btw I think you have a great concept with Jangl - best of luck!

Search Engines WEB

This is a brainstorm - Gave you a Digg - hope this helps spread the word

But be forewarned, if it makes the front page - you will get about 10,000 visitors during that day


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